Lake Chaffe

Lake Chaffee was formed from a small pond and surrounding swamp when an earthen dam/levee was installed sometime prior to 1934. The community is comprised of about 700 lots and presently fewer than 260 Lake Chaffee property owners.


Member Directory

Member Name Lake Address MemberSort PropertySort MemberNameSortStart
Linda Adcock 7 View Point Dr Adcock View Point Dr7 A
Alaimo Family LLC 0 Deerfield Dr Alaimo Family LLC Deerfield Dr0 A
Joseph & Melissa Almquist 35 Circle Dr Almquist Circle Dr35 A
Paul Ambrogio (Ambrogio Estate) 0 Squirrel Hill Dr Ambrogio Squirrel Hill Dr0 A
Sharon Apostol 121 Lakeview Dr Apostol Lakeview Dr121 A
Bonnie Archambault 35 Westford Dr Archambault Westford Dr35 A
Pauline Backhaus 4 Perch Dr Backhaus Perch Dr4 B
Tim & Donna Backhaus 42 Union Dr Backhaus Union Dr42 B
Jennifer Backofen 276 Ference Rd Backofen Ference Rd276 B
Harry & Eugenie Bagley 54 Ashford Dr Bagley Ashford Dr54 B
Douglas Bailey 15 Deerfield Dr Bailey Deerfield Dr15 B
Kathleen Banville 3 Shore Front Dr Banville Shore Front Dr3 B
Randy Barclay 25 Ashford Dr Barclay Ashford Dr25 B
Elizabeth Barr 52 Union Dr Barr Union Dr52 B
Cesar Barrios 77 Lakeview Dr Barrios Lakeview Dr77 B
Appleton Barrows 286 Ference Rd Barrows Ference Rd286 B
Gerald & Bette Barth 16 Lakeview Dr Barth Lakeview Dr16 B
Rodney Baylor 343 Ference Rd Baylor Ference Rd343 B
Thomas & Karen Bennett 127 Lakeview Dr Bennett Lakeview Dr127 B
James & Vianna Bergstrom 105 Lakeview Dr Bergstrom Lakeview Dr105 B
Robert Bickford 3 Maple Dr Bickford Maple Dr3 B
Holly & Timothy Bisaccia 69 Westford Dr Bisaccia Westford Dr69 B
Nancy Blackmer 27 Circle Dr Blackmer Circle Dr27 B
Emery Bonvouloir 14 Armitage Ct Bonvouloir Armitage Ct14 B
Constance Hebert (Bottaro Estate) 0 Ashford Dr Bottaro Ashford Dr0 B
Victoria Brooks 28 Westford Dr Brooks Westford Dr28 B
Antoinette Calkins 1 Maple Dr Calkins Maple Dr1 C
Christy Calkins 44 Westford Dr Calkins Westford Dr44 C
Susan Canty 5 Maple Dr Canty Maple Dr5 C
Clifford Champlin 12 Oak Dr Champlin Oak Dr12 C
16 Chapman LLC 28 Old Town Rd 16 Chapman LLC Old Town Rd28 1
Tanya Compagnone 88 Lakeview Dr Compagnone Lakeview Dr88 C
Arline Conroy 28 Amidon Dr Conroy Amidon Dr28 C
Jesse & Kate Conway 73 Lakeview Dr Conway Lakeview Dr73 C
D. Callahan-Corbin & J. Corbin 15 Circle Dr Callahan-Corbin Circle Dr15 C
Robert & Susan Corriveau 34 Amidon Dr Corriveau Amidon Dr34 C
Jeff. Cosman & Phit. Sourinho 327 Ference Rd Cosman Ference Rd327 C
Holly Cote & John Howlett 66 Westford Dr Cote Westford Dr66 C
Phillip & Sandra Cote 19 Armitage Ct Cote Armitage Ct19 C
Thomas & Sharon Coville 23 Lakeview Dr Coville Lakeview Dr23 C
Sue Cowen 44 Old Town Rd Cowen Old Town Rd44 C
Stephanie Culver 17 Circle Dr Culver Circle Dr17 C
Eric Chapman & Sus Rancourt-Chapman 17 Lakeview Dr Chapman Lakeview Dr17 C
Gary Dagsher 0 Lakeview Dr Dagsher Lakeview Dr0 D
James & Cheryl Daigneault 58 Westford Dr Daigneault Westford Dr58 D
Norma Deane 17 Armitage Ct Deane Armitage Ct17 D
Thomas & Janice Desloge 51 Circle Dr Desloge Circle Dr51 D
Robert & Margaret Devito 20 Amidon Dr Devito Amidon Dr20 D
Richard Dewey 32 Amidon Dr Dewey Amidon Dr32 D
Andi Donovan 7 Lakeview Dr Donovan Lakeview Dr7 D
John & Ann Doolittle 10 Perch Dr Doolittle Perch Dr10 D
Eileen Doyle & Doreen Olsson 26 Union Dr Doyle Union Dr26 D
Gerald Dufresne 87 Lakeview Dr Dufresne Lakeview Dr87 D
Marc & Doris Dufresne 101 Lakeview Dr Dufresne Lakeview Dr101 D
Dennis & Amelia Flaherty 131 Lakeview Dr Flaherty Lakeview Dr131 F
Thomas & Patricia Flanigan 90 Westford Dr Flanigan Westford Dr90 F
Mark & Lynn Fontaine 43 Ashford Dr Fontaine Ashford Dr43 F
Albert Fyler 325 Ference Rd Fyler Ference Rd325 F
Edward & Debra Gambacorta 290 Ference Rd Gambacorta Ference Rd290 G
Kenneth Garee 10 Armitage Ct Garee Armitage Ct10 G
97 Lakeview Dr Garrigus Lakeview Dr97 G
Earl Gendron 12 Westford Dr Gendron Westford Dr12 G
Peter & Cathey Gidman 9 Amidon Dr Gidman Amidon Dr9 G
Roger Goldbeck 51 Lakeview Dr Goldbeck Lakeview Dr51 G
Neil Gordon 45 Westford Dr Gordon Westford Dr45 G
L Koropatkin & D Coulombe (Grant Estate) 48 Old Town Rd Grant Old Town Rd48 G
Ralph & Theresa Graziola 14 Lakeview Dr Graziola Lakeview Dr14 G
Robert & Toni Guerin (Trustees) 55 Lakeview Dr Guerin Lakeview Dr55 G
Scott Guerin 27 Amidon Dr Guerin Amidon Dr27 G
Mark & Kathryn Glaude 46 Union Dr Glaude Union Dr46 G
(Haeussler Estate) 40 Deerfield Dr Haeussler Deerfield Dr40 H
Michael Halpin 0 Ashford Dr Halpin Ashford Dr0 H
Robert Heavisides 94 Westford Dr Heavisides Westford Dr94 H
Karen Holmes 7 Maple Dr Holmes Maple Dr7 H
Ronald & Wilma Holmes 28 Lakeview Dr Holmes Lakeview Dr28 H
Anthony & Barbara Horn 43 Lakeview Dr Horn Lakeview Dr43 H
Deborah Howard 0 Westford Dr Howard Westford Dr0 H
Scott Howard (Trustee) 7 Short Lane Howard Short Lane7 H
Kim. Burns & Ryan Howlett 124 Lakeview Dr Burns Lakeview Dr124 B
Richard Ide (Trustee) 25 Lakeview Dr Ide Lakeview Dr25 I
Wm. James & Eil. Lynch-James 10 Lakeview Dr James Lakeview Dr10 J
Stephen Jones 22 Lakeview Dr Jones Lakeview Dr22 J
John & Karen Kallipolites 0 Westford Dr Kallipolites Westford Dr0 K
Seth & Blythe Kaufman 15 Amidon Dr Kaufman Amidon Dr15 K
Jacqueline Kennedy 21 Deerfield Dr Kennedy Deerfield Dr21 K
Kidder Brook Farm LLC 27 Shore Front Dr Kidder Brook Farm LLC Shore Front Dr27 K
James & Barbara Kidney 84 Lakeview Dr Kidney Lakeview Dr84 K
Noah & Pam King 6 Deerfield Dr King Deerfield Dr6 K
David Kittredge 0 Old Town Rd Kittredge Old Town Rd0 K
Richard & Heidi Kratzke 21 Ashford Dr Kratzke Ashford Dr21 K
Robert & Erma Kravecs 56 Old Town Rd Kravecs Old Town Rd56 K
Coen Kriedel 17 Amidon Dr Kriedel Amidon Dr17 K
Leonard & Nancy Krist 91 Lakeview Dr Krist Lakeview Dr91 K
Mark Krom 3 Lakeview Dr Krom Lakeview Dr3 K
Martin Kulldorff 103 Lakeview Dr Kulldorff Lakeview Dr103 K
Kathy Labarron 32 Old Town Rd Labarron Old Town Rd32 L
Claire & Ronald Lamonica 100 Lakeview Dr Lamonica Lakeview Dr100 L
Peter Lamot 45 Lakeview Dr Lamot Lakeview Dr45 L
Jonathan Lavitt 12 Pine Hill Dr Lavitt Pine Hill Dr12 L
Robert & Lauren Layton 147 Lakeview Dr Layton Lakeview Dr147 L
Bruce & Michele Leblanc 13 Amidon Dr Leblanc Amidon Dr13 L
Carissa & Jeffrey Lebrun 52 Westford Dr Lebrun Westford Dr52 L
Martin Lemelin 141 Lakeview Dr Lemelin Lakeview Dr141 L
Steven & Kathleen Little 42 Circle Dr Little Circle Dr42 L
James Lomuscio 0 Circle Dr Lomuscio Circle Dr0 L
James & Christine Lomuscio 0 Squirrel Hill Dr Lomuscio Squirrel Hill Dr0 L
Cheryl Lyman 8 Westford Dr Lyman Westford Dr8 L
Mathew & Sheri Mattina 23 Shore Front Dr Mattina Shore Front Dr23 M
Michael Maloney 296 Ference Rd Maloney Ference Rd296 M
Michael & Doreen Maloney 5 Shore Front Dr Maloney Shore Front Dr5 M
David Martel 7 Oak Dr Martel Oak Dr7 M
David & Carolyn Martin 9 Maple Dr Martin Maple Dr9 M
Thomas Martin 137 Lakeview Dr Martin Lakeview Dr137 M
Irwin Krieger & John Mayer 115 Lakeview Dr Krieger Lakeview Dr115 K
Albert Mazzaferro & Ann. Nerine 57 Lakeview Dr Mazzaferro Lakeview Dr57 M
Mary Mckeever 24 Armitage Ct Mckeever Armitage Ct24 M
Thomas & Jeannine Mckenna 35 Squirrel Hill Dr Mckenna Squirrel Hill Dr35 M
Phillip & Michelle Medeiros 26 Armitage Ct Medeiros Armitage Ct26 M
John & Susan Medine 25 Circle Dr Medine Circle Dr25 M
Rachel & David Meikle 4 Lakeview Dr Meikle Lakeview Dr4 M
Mary Michaud 57 Squirrel Hill Dr Michaud Squirrel Hill Dr57 M
Arthur Miller 107 Lakeview Dr Miller Lakeview Dr107 M
William Miller 6 View Point Dr Miller View Point Dr6 M
George & Sandra Moquin 41 Lakeview Dr Moquin Lakeview Dr41 M
Nellie Mora 7 Amidon Dr Mora Amidon Dr7 M
Clifford & Julie Morgan 34 Circle Dr Morgan Circle Dr34 M
Mark & Patricia Munsch 8 Oak Dr Munsch Oak Dr8 M
Alec Capstick and Megan Laboy 355 Ference Rd Murray Ference Rd355 M
Carol Natitus 337 Ference Rd Natitus Ference Rd337 N
Patricia Marcus & Edward Nelson 75 Westford Dr Marcus Westford Dr75 M
Joseph & Ann Nollet 24 Amidon Dr Nollet Amidon Dr24 N
Maria Lashua & Michael Oakes 58 Old Town Rd Lashua Old Town Rd58 L
Matthew Olson 3 Ashford Dr Olson Ashford Dr3 O
William Orsine 0 Deerfield Dr Orsine Deerfield Dr0 O
Rachel Britton & James Otka 33 Union Dr Britton Union Dr33 B
Eric Parent 274 Ference Rd Parent Ference Rd274 P
Linda Parent (Trustee) 129 Lakeview Dr Parent Lakeview Dr129 P
Rich. Parnas & Jean. Tanner 14 Amidon Dr Parnas Amidon Dr14 P
Brenda Parslow 13 Lakeview Dr Parslow Lakeview Dr13 P
Richard Pasquarelli 323 Ference Rd Pasquarelli Ference Rd323 P
Nancy Pease 0 Circle Dr Pease Circle Dr0 P
Halley Studer-Sweetman 36 Lakeview Dr Studer-Sweetman Lakeview Dr36 S
Douglas Pierce 0 Old Town Rd Pierce Old Town Rd0 P
Edward Pippin 281 Ference Rd Pippin Ference Rd281 P
Clinton & Vicki Platt 379 Ference Rd Platt Ference Rd379 P
Peter & Margot Popowycz 9 Short Lane Popowycz Short Lane9 P
Starr Potts 10 Amidon Dr Potts Amidon Dr10 P
David & Andrea Provencher 267 Ference Rd Provencher Ference Rd267 P
Richard & Mary Provencher 6 Oak Dr Provencher Oak Dr6 P
Michael & Jean Panek 18 View Point Dr Panek View Point Dr18 P
Dan & Jane Rackliffe 49 Lakeview Dr Rackliffe Lakeview Dr49 R
Anton & Holly Radell 59 Lakeview Dr Radell Lakeview Dr59 R
Nancy Raymond 18 Circle Dr Raymond Circle Dr18 R
John Regan 18 Armitage Ct Regan Armitage Ct18 R
Henrietta Remes 5 Circle Dr Remes Circle Dr5 R
Eugene & Barbara Renna 29 Deerfield Dr Renna Deerfield Dr29 R
Marilyn Richard 339 Ference Rd Richard Ference Rd339 R
Glen & Kim Richards 335 Ference Rd Richards Ference Rd335 R
Phillip Ridley 1 View Point Dr Ridley View Point Dr1 R
Richard Rodrigue 19 Amidon Dr Rodrigue Amidon Dr19 R
Marilyn Rossi 24 Old Town Rd Rossi Old Town Rd24 R
Derek Roy 51 Ashford Dr Roy Ashford Dr51 R
Mark Sadoski 0 Deerfield Dr Sadoski Deerfield Dr0 S
Norbert & Julia Saegaert 9 Westford Dr Saegaert Westford Dr9 S
Chris & Dwayne Saletnik 110 Lakeview Dr Saletnik Lakeview Dr110 S
Kathleen Sandin 11 Oak Dr Sandin Oak Dr11 S
Jeffrey Schroder 6 Lakeview Dr Schroder Lakeview Dr6 S
John Sheehan 0 Deerfield Dr Sheehan Deerfield Dr0 S
Jason & Shannon Sherman 5 Oak Dr Sherman Oak Dr5 S
Ralph & Bonnie Sherman 26 Amidon Dr Sherman Amidon Dr26 S
Stuart & Norma Sherman 76 Westford Dr Sherman Westford Dr76 S
Adam Shooks 7 Armitage Ct Shooks Armitage Ct7 S
Leigh Simpson 28 Armitage Ct Simpson Armitage Ct28 S
Eugene Smith 259 Ference Rd Smith Ference Rd259 S
Gary & Linda Smith 11 Shore Front Dr Smith Shore Front Dr11 S
Trudy Southworth 275 Ference Rd Southworth Ference Rd275 S
Steven & Janice Spangle 109 Lakeview Dr Spangle Lakeview Dr109 S
Richard & Stella Squires 31 Lakeview Dr Squires Lakeview Dr31 S
Jeannine Stansberry 9 Shore Front Dr Stansberry Shore Front Dr9 S
Dorothy Steadward 20 Ashford Dr Steadward Ashford Dr20 S
Mark Stephens 0 Westford Dr Stephens Westford Dr0 S
Thomas Strange 387 Ference Rd Strange Ference Rd387 S
Mark & Lisa Strogoff 29 Union Dr Strogoff Union Dr29 S
Matthew Shanahan 5 Westford Dr Shanahan Westford Dr5 S
Carol Fortin Suhr Realty LLC 151 Lakeview Dr Suhr Realty LLC Lakeview Dr151 S
Michael & Lorelei Sullivan 8 Ashford Dr Sullivan Ashford Dr8 S
Evamanda Suomi 93 Lakeview Dr Suomi Lakeview Dr93 S
Vincent & Suzanne Supina 0 Ference Rd Supina Ference Rd0 S
Scott & Mary Sylvestre 104 Lakeview Dr Sylvestre Lakeview Dr104 S
John & Marg & Marie Szydlik 321 Ference Rd Szydlik Ference Rd321 S
Emil Szymczak 37 Lakeview Dr Szymczak Lakeview Dr37 S
Joseph M Tatroe Jr (Tatroe Sr Estate) 0 Ashford Dr Tatroe Sr Ashford Dr0 T
Richard & Ingrid Tessier 7 Ashford Dr Tessier Ashford Dr7 T
Dolores Testa 12 Armitage Ct Testa Armitage Ct12 T
Trairong Thomas 76 Lakeview Dr Thomas Lakeview Dr76 T
Albert Tilley 52 Ashford Dr Tilley Ashford Dr52 T
c/o Peter TOWEY Towey 0 Ference Rd Towey Ference Rd0 T
Star. Mcallister & Just. Tracey 102 Old Town Rd Mcallister Old Town Rd102 M
Robert Tremonte 58 Squirrel Hill Dr Tremonte Squirrel Hill Dr58 T
Mark & Lisa Troyer 25 Shore Front Dr Troyer Shore Front Dr25 T
Kari Olson & Michael Tulman 29 Shore Front Dr Olson Shore Front Dr29 O
Thomas Tyler 9 Oak Dr Tyler Oak Dr9 T
Kristen Van Guilder 26 Ashford Dr Van Guilder Ashford Dr26 V
Erin & Jason Van Horn 25 Squirrel Hill Dr Van Horn Squirrel Hill Dr25 V
Len. Krimerman & Marian Vitali 68 Old Town Rd Krimerman Old Town Rd68 K
James & Jacqueline Warnock 0 Ashford Dr Warnock Ashford Dr0 W
Kay Warren 31 Amidon Dr Warren Amidon Dr31 W
Lisa Whiteway 359 Ference Rd Whiteway Ference Rd359 W
Cynthia Wilbur 0 Lakeview Dr Wilbur Lakeview Dr0 W
Sharon Wilson 280 Ference Rd Wilson Ference Rd280 W
Steven & Penny Young 56 Squirrel Hill Dr Young Squirrel Hill Dr56 Y
El. Corey-Zincavage Zincavage 0 Swamp Rd Zincavage Swamp Rd0 Z
Ann-Laurie Parent 60 Old Town Rd Parent Old Town Rd60 P
Lauren Krapf 36 Union Dr Krapf Union Dr36 K
Kayla Rettburg 63 Lakeview Dr Rettburg Lakeview Dr63 R
Susan Dinallo 19 Shore Front Dr Dinallo Shore Front Dr19 D
Cameron Fisher 62 Westford Dr Fisher Westford Dr62 F
Sean & Susan McMurray 3 Amidon Dr McMurray Amidon Dr3 M
Philip Silverstein 20 Armitage Ct Silverstein Armitage Ct20 S
Alex Belanger 58 Ashford Dr Belanger Ashford Dr58 B
Chelsea Fontain & Milton Whittaker 12 Union Dr Fontain Union Dr12 F
Lee Whitney 25 Westford Dr Whitney Westford Dr25 W
Krista Paterno 122 Lakeview Dr Paterno Lakeview Dr122 P
Mark Wilson 56 Lakeview Dr Wilson Lakeview Dr56 W
Christopher & Billie-Jo McCreary 30 Circle Dr McCreary Circle Dr30 M
Laura Rathbun 15 Shore Front Dr Rathbun Shore Front Dr15 R
Robert Richmond 143 Lakeview Dr Richmond Lakeview Dr143 R
Kate Gagnon & Joseph Medhoff 114 Old Town Rd Gagnon Old Town Rd114 G
James Ference 341 Ference Rd Ference Ference Rd341 F
Briana Blomstrom 4 Ashford Dr Blomstrom Ashford Dr4 B
Tennille Waldo 59 Westford Dr Waldo Westford Dr59 W
Heidi Willard 42 Westford Dr Willard Westford Dr42 W
Sharon Apostol & Irwin Krieger & John Mayer 119 Lakeview Dr Apostol Lakeview Dr119 A
Maria Kantorski 52 Lakeview Dr Kantorski Lakeview Dr52 K
Tracy Corriveau & Louise Luce 20 Lakeview Dr Corriveau Lakeview Dr20 C
Tracy Smith 33 Amidon Dr Smith Amidon Dr33 S
Secretary of Housing and Urban Development 22 Circle Dr Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Circle Dr22 S
Richard & Lori Prior 14 View Point Dr Prior View Point Dr14 P
Yvonne Saucier 29 Circle Dr Saucier Circle Dr29 S
US Bank NA Trustee 41 Circle Dr US Bank NA Trustee Circle Dr41 U
Nicolena Mazur 55 Circle Dr Mazur Circle Dr55 M
Garrett Dipilato 27 Pine Hill Dr Dipilato Pine Hill Dr27 D
Virginia & Martin Connors 16 View Point Dr Connors View Point Dr16 C
Blue Moon LLC 18 Lakeview Dr Blue Moon LLC Lakeview Dr18 B
Marilyn Shambo 149 Lakeview Dr Shambo Lakeview Dr149 S
Daniel Cole 0 Ashford Dr Cole Ashford Dr0 C
Lisa Schweitzer 58 Lakeview Dr Schweitzer Lakeview Dr58 S