Lake Chaffe

Lake Chaffee was formed from a small pond and surrounding swamp when an earthen dam/levee was installed sometime prior to 1934. The community is comprised of about 700 lots and presently fewer than 260 Lake Chaffee property owners.

  • The best kept secret in Connecticut
    A private lake community.
  • 54 Acres and 8,400 feet of shoreline
    856 feet above sea level
    A mean depth of 6 feet.

Latest News

Messages from the Board

Summer has come to a close and Fall has arrived. We on the LCIA Board hope that you all had a safe and happy summer here at the lake. There is still so much to do and enjoy as the cooler weather comes and the foliage begins to change. We hope you continue to enjoy boating, fishing and just relaxing by the water. The lake does become a bit more peaceful during this off season and is very condusive to relaxation and enjoying the simple pleasures of the season.

Now that the summer meetings have ended, know that the LCIA Board will continue to meet and work hard to improve life here at the lake. Volunteers continue to meet year round discussing any concerns or issues that need addressing. Within the next month a work party will be installing the syphon to lower the lake level. Hopefully the rain will not be too abundant so it will stay down long enough for people to do any necessary repairs of docks or around the shoreline, and to remove debris, weeds and cattails that are becoming overwhelmingly abundant in some areas. Remember that with water levels down the many large boulders scattered around the lake will be closer to the surface, and possibly interfer with boating activities. Be extra cautious out there!

We are still looking for volunteers to chair the following committees: Roads, Beaches, Dam. Anyone who might be interested in finding out more about these roles should contact Marty Connors, President of the LCIA Board. This is a one year commitment and the board members area always willing to help out any chairperson as needed. Please consider becoming involved.

There has been some work done on the roads in the past couple of months to repair much of the damage that has occurred with all the rain this past year. Potholes have been filled and some regrading of the dirt roads has helped to make them more easily passable. The board is currently working on developing a plan to make more permanent repairs and changes to the roads to try to alleviate the constant need to fix problems after heavy storms or winter plowing. There is much research and decision making that goes into such an involved and expansive project as this. More details will come once a plan is in place.

There is one more community activitiy planned for this year. All are invited to attend a Halloween Party on Saturday, October 21st. This event will include food and fun for the whole family. We are hoping that kids and adults alike will come in costume. More details and a flyer will be forthcoming but mark your calendars now so you don't miss out.

The next regular meeting of the LCIA Board will be held on Wednesday, October 11th at 6:30PM in Chaffee Hall. Please feel free to come and bring any issues or concerns to the attention of the board members during the Public Comments section of the meeting. Once the agenda for the meeting is finalized it will be available at this link.

If at any time you have questions about what is acceptable here at Lake Chaffee, you may refer to the Ordinances here on this site, or contact one of the Board Members. These regulations have been created by the board and voted on by members at the time of their implimentation. They are in place to keep Lake Chaffee a safe and enjoyable place for all.

State of the Lake

As fall approaches, we start to see birds gathering in preparation for their long journey south. That appears to be the case with the geese here at the lake as their numbers have increased quite a bit in the past few weeks. Take heart in knowing that as the temperatures drop in the coming months they will move to warmer places and leave us with a bit more peace and quiet. Their return will be monitored in the spring to determine if action will be needed to maintain an acceptable population on the lake.

Water temperatures in the lake have also begun to drop so swimming season will be soon coming to an end. The August water testing has been done and the results have been good as usual. Results will be posted on the site for your review as usual in the Environmental tab under Water Testing.

Do your part in keeping our lake healthy by being cautious about chemical use around the lake, including any lawn care or plant treatment products being used as everything gets washed into our water. Remember that there is no use of gas powered motors on the lake. Clean your boats if you have used them in other bodies of water to prevent contamination with invasives. Also, when out on the lake in boats, be sure that any cans or bottles are kept secure so they do not fall into the lake and become a hazard for those who swim in it. Broken bottles and cans do move around and can end up in areas where swimmers frequent. When fishing, be cautious about hooks being left behind and fishing line, which can ensnare wildlife.

If venturing out to the islands be aware that there is much poison ivy out there. Over the winter and during stormy weather, trees and branches can break and become hazards. Be aware of your surroundings at all times and remember that these areas are not for fires or use after 9PM.

Upcoming Things to Do at the Lake

10/21/23 - Halloween Party - Click here for Flyer

ANNUAL Membership Meetings – Please join us at the hall
June - Sunday June 25th @ 11am
July - Sunday July 16th @ 11am
August - Sunday August 20th @ 11am

Recurring News of Interest

Monthly LCIA Meetings

The monthly meetings are being held in person at Chaffee hall, however if Covid resurfaces as a threat they may be held virtually via conference calls. For information on how to participate in these meetings click here. If you have topics to discuss please do let the board know ahead and also check the hall bulletin board for information regarding where/how the meeting will be held each month. We do want to hear from you!

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