Lake Chaffe

Lake Chaffee was formed from a small pond and surrounding swamp when an earthen dam/levee was installed sometime prior to 1934. The community is comprised of about 700 lots and presently fewer than 260 Lake Chaffee property owners.

  • The best kept secret in Connecticut
    A private lake community.
  • 54 Acres and 8,400 feet of shoreline
    856 feet above sea level
    A mean depth of 6 feet.

Latest News

Messages from the Board

The January Board meeting will be held on Wednesday the 11th at 6:30PM in Przil Hall, also called Chaffee Hall. The agenda can be reviewed here. Interested association members can attend and make comments during the appropriate portion of the meeting.

Please remember to stay off the ice unless you are positive it is thick enough to venture out. With so many warm days and rain the safety of the ice varies from day to day. Never take for granted that it will hold your weight. Please be especially mindful of children and pets as well.

Stay safe and healthy during these cold winter months.

State of the Lake

Based on the vote at the August member meeting, the lake will not be lowered this fall. Please remember not to blow leaves into the lake. If possible, remove any reachable leaves that gather near the shore. Decomposing leaves add to the sediment in the lake and help to feed the weeds. Your cooperation in this will aid in keeping Lake Chaffee a beautiful and healthy environment for us who reside around it and the creatures who live in it.
For more detail about lake conditions, please go to the Environmental page.

Upcoming Things to Do at the Lake

02/25/2023 - Traditional Barn Dance – Join us at Knowlton Hall on Saturday February 25th from 7 to 10pm - see flyer for details.

ANNUAL Membership Meetings – Please join us at the hall
June - Sunday June 25th @ 11am
July - Sunday July 17th @ 11am
August - Sunday August 20th @ 11am

Recurring News of Interest

Monthly LCIA Meetings

The monthly meetings are being held in person at Chaffee hall, however if Covid resurfaces as a threat they may be held virtually via conference calls. For information on how to participate in these meetings click here. If you have topics to discuss please do let the board know ahead and also check the hall bulletin board for information regarding where/how the meeting will be held each month. We do want to hear from you!

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